Vastu Tips for Bedroom

Vastu Tips for Bedroom

Bed room is the place, where you spend most of your time when you are at home. After a busy working day, this place should give peace and comfort to your body and mind.

Here are some tips for location of Bedroom and placement of things according to Vastu Shastra :

Suitable Directions for Bedrooms:

  • The master bedroom should be on the southwest or northwest side of the house. If there is an upper story in the house, the master bedroom should be on this floor, in the southwest corner.
  • Children should have bedrooms in the northwest or west, guest bedrooms should be in the northwest or northeast side. An eastern bedroom can also be used for unmarried children or for guests.
  • The north-east is the direction of the deities therefore; no bedroom should be in this direction. A bedroom in north-east gives loss of wealth, obstruction in work and delay in marriage of children.
  • A south-west bedroom gives stability and strength to deal with important issues.
  •  Bedroom in south-east gives rise to sleeplessness, worries and marital problems. South-east is ruled by Agni or fire in Vastu which relates to assertiveness and aggressive attitude. Shy and timid children can use this room and get confidence. People who are by nature aggressive and quarrelsome can avoid this room.
  • North-west is ruled by Vayu or Air and relates to movement or transit. This is a good area for marriageable daughter’s bedroom. This is also a good zone for having the guest room.
  • Bedroom should not be in the central portion of the house called Brahmasthan in Vastu. It attracts a lot of energy which is not suitable for bedroom meant for rest and sleep.

Suitable Locations for Objects in Bedroom

  • When you sleep, head should be towards the east or the south, to enjoy a sound sleep.
  • According to Vastu principles, reading and writing place should be in the east or west side of bedroom, while reading one should face east. Mirrors with dressing tables should be fixed on east or north walls.
  • The wardrobe should be on the northwest or southwest side of the bedroom. TV, heaters, and air conditioners should be located in the southeast corner.
  • Attached bathroom, change room should be on the west or north sides of the room. The south-west, west corner should never be kept Vacant.
  • Vastu suggests that one should not keep the safe in a bedroom, but if this is the only place for the safe, it should be located on the south wall with opening in north

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