Vastu Tips for Home | House

Vastu for Home | House

When you are building your dream home, you can follow Vastu tips according to vastu principles during designing of your house. However, if you are looking to make changes in your existing house to make it Vastu perfect, better look for remedies before deciding for any alteration.

Following are vastu shastra guidelines to consider for your home:

  • East and North East entrance is good for all, West and South entrance is good based on Kundli and profession of a person.
  • North and East part of the house should have more open space.
  • South and western part of the house should be relatively on height and heavy.
  • Central location of the house should always be empty.
  • Ensure that the mother walls of the building to be square or rectangle only and the corners should not be broken.
  • God statue and pictures should be placed such a way so that during worship of God you face north and east direction.

Directions and their appropriate use in home:

Direction Best Use
East Side Children’s room, living room
West Side Dining room / dining area, kid’s room
North Side Living / drawing room, wealth corner for money related concerned.
South Side Bedrooms
North East Side Worship House, Studies / Study Room,  Under ground Water Tank
North West Side Guest Room
South West Side Master bed room / Stairs, Storage of Heavy Goods
South East Side Kitchen, Inverter, Electricity Equipment

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