Vastu Tips for Office

Vastu Tips for Office

Office is the place for strategies, execution, team work and wealth creation. It is the place, where one spend most of our productive time to fulfill ambitions, earn livelihood and achieve & enjoy success in profession or business.

Design and orientation of office should give positive energy to employees and flow of wealth to the business. Here are the basic Vastu tips for your office:

  • Plot for office building should be square or rectangular. Plots with irregular shapes should be avoided.
  • The corner seat for the boss, (cabin for owner or head of the office), should be in the south west corner and boss should face north while seating.
  • All other senior staff members should have their seats /cabins in the south or west. They should face north when seated in the south and should face east when seated in the west.
  • East and North sides are best for middle and junior level employees.
  • Receptions should be in North East and Meeting room for visitors can be made in north east or North West side.
  • For water bodies in the office, suitable location is north east or east side, however overhead water tank should be in west or south west.
  • Finance team can occupy the southeast direction
  • Sales & Marketing team can occupy the northwest of the office.
  • Pantry or cafeteria should be in southeast or northwest side
  • Suitable locations for toilets are west and north west sides.
  • Do not make any seating arrangement beneath beams.
  • The central area of the office should be kept vacant.

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